International Shipping

Our store is now over 18 years old, and is one of a kind in all of Norway and Scandinavia. We have just relaunched our webpage to be able to reach a bigger area. We will now ship most of our things to Scandinavia, Europe, Canada and USA, but the costumer himself is responsible to only order things that is legal in his or hers country. We do NOT send knifes, swords or guns out of Norway(!) unless you send us your lisence from the police.

To order from our webpage, you have to be 18 years old and you have to send a picture of your government ID (passport, drivers lisence or bank card with a picture) to That way we will be able to verify your age before we ship the goods. All international orders must be pre-paid or "kortbetaling" (paid with card). If the package exceeds 10 kg, the prize of transportation will be higher than calculated on the website. We'll contact you if costs are incurred! Also, IF you have a lisence from the police for f.eks a sword, the costs of transportation will be 1000-1500 Norske Kroner (NOK), because only one transportation company is allowed to transport weapons out of Norway. If the customs stoppes and returns your package, we'll have to charge you for the transportation costs.

Usually, if you pre-pay you need a few more details: 
- Electronic IBAN: NO0615031473303
- Paper IBAN: NO06 1503 1473 303


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