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Policies at Pentagon Army

Weapons Act 2009  

§ 9  Prohibition of weapons or the like that do not fall within the Firearms Act § 1
It is forbidden to acquire, own or possess electroshock weapons, pepper spray and others
self-defense equipment with similar effect, spring knives, batanga knives, stilettos,
fighting gloves, batons, karate sticks, throwing stars, blowpipes for launching arrows or others
objects, slingshots or other similar particularly dangerous objects without a justifiable purpose
and which appear as products of violence.
This provision does not apply to weapons intended for or belonging to the police or
The defense.
It is forbidden to acquire, own or possess crossbows without permission from the Chief of Police. The
may be granted permission to acquire, own and hold crossbows when the person meets the requirements
mentioned in § 10. This paragraph does not apply to crossbows acquired before 1 January 1993.
The Chief of Police may dispense with the prohibition in the first paragraph if special reasons

§ 23  Acquisition of air and spring weapons
Section 29, first and second paragraphs of the Firearms Act on the 18-year age limit applies correspondingly to
surrender of air and spring weapons, including gas-powered air paint, paintball weapons and air
soft gun. The Chief of Police may grant an exemption from the 18-year requirement on the terms set out in section 10
second and third paragraphs.
It is forbidden without the permission of the Chief of Police to acquire, own or possess air and feather weapons,
including gas-powered air weapons, which have a coarser caliber than 4.5 mm. The requirement of
acquisition permit does not apply to paintball weapons and air soft guns. This provision does not get
application to air and spring weapons acquired before the entry into force of these regulations.
Permission as mentioned in the second paragraph may only be granted to the person who satisfies the requirements that are
mentioned in § 10 first to third paragraphs. However, it is not necessary to justify needs or anything else
reasonable reason to have the air or spring weapon.

Laws on age limits, purchase and sale of knives and swords

Armament is mentioned by  The Penal Code  which they say one can be punished with  fines  and or  jail  for up to 6 months if you join  knife or objects suitable for use in a public place .

The prohibition does not apply to knives or tools used in connection with work, outdoor life or other worthy purpose, e.g. a. as part of national costume. The Pentagon recommends a clearer knife in a work context with the police, as they have the opportunity to test the situation and seize things they consider weapons.

The law says little about the age limit on knives other than that pointed and egged weapons over 25 cm. shall have a 16-year age limit. We believe this is not enough, and operate with two age limits and a duty of identification. 

16-year limit for the purchase of a knife under 25 cm in the store. 

18-year limit for the purchase of knives with blade lengths over 25 cm, swords, softguns, air weapons, copy weapons and antique and flowered weapons. 

18-year limit for ordering on our online store, no matter what! We check your name against to be able to document your age. If we do not find you, you will be asked to send a copy of your ID by email. (Date of birth and photo MUST be visible)

In the shop, you must show identification or what about a guardian over 18 if you are not old enough. 

You as a customer also have some rights. All bookings are covered  the Consumer Purchase Act , and should make sure you get what you pay for. Customers also have a 14-day full right of return on products purchased via the internet, fill in  the right of withdrawal form  and send according to  the terms of purchase .

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