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Spyderco ord og uttrykk


A black thermosetting polymer with high impact strength.



A microscopically thin coating which, when adhered to aluminum, provides scratch resistance and can be tinted into most any color.


Alumina Ceramic

U.S.A. made ceramic compound formed when alumina particles (synthetic sapphires) are mixed with a ceramic bonding agent. The mixture is shaped, then kiln fired at temperatures in excess of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit for up to three days. Alumina ceramics come in three grits: Ultra fine grit, fine grit (both are closed celled and never wear over time or use), and medium grit (open cell which does wear out over time).



Texturing The trademark name of the texture pattern used on our C41BK Native and C52BK Calypso Jr. Lightweight models. The texture is molded into the fiberglass reinforced nylon handle and is a series of graduating, forward and backward steps which radiate from the center of the handle. The graduated steps offer slip resistance in the hand when gripped.


Carbon Fiber

A woven composite of graphite fibers fused in an epoxy resin. It provides a light weight high strength material. Often it has a three dimensional or hologram-like appearance.



It is a trademark name for any of Spyderco's folding knives featuring a pocket clip. The CLIPIT is an original Spyderco design and a CLIPIT fan is often referred as a "Clipiteer".


ClipPoint Blade

A blade which is ground on the top (spine) in an angled/sweeping line downward and the sharpened edge (underside) is ground in an arc from underneath, upward. The two angles meet at the tip. Depending on where the two angles meet determine the depth of the belly of the blade.



A name for a knife blade which features a combination of both serrations (SpyderEdge) and a plain or non-serrated edge (PlainEdge) on the same blade.


Compression Lock

A new lock created by Spyderco. The lock functions by inserting a piece of material, which is then conmpressed between the tang and stop pin.



A thermoplastic developed for the knife and firearms industry. It is thin, resistant to chemicals, oils and solvents. It is flexible, has shape retention and can be blended to make various colors and texture patterns. Spyderco used Concealex as a sheath material for the FB01 and FB02 Bill Moran Fixed Blade sheaths.


Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Resin (FRN)

A nylon polymer mixed with glass fiber which can be injection molded into a handle.



An epoxy filled woven "E" glass composite reinforced with glass fiber that gives exceptional strength and resistance to fractures in extreme temperatures. It comes in a variety of colors. Most commonly see is black.


G-10 Shell

An ultra-thin layer of mother of pearl (or other type of shell) which is laminated to G-10 and used as inlaid decorative decorative handle scales on several Spyderco models including the C66 Versuvius.


Hawkbill Blade

A blade shaped with a sharply curved hook, rather like a talon. The inside edge of the curve is where the sharpened cutting edge is located. This blade shape is popular with commercial fisherman and the construction industry. This blade shape can be found on the C08 and C08BK models.



A black thermoplastic polymer which feels springy and rubbery. Its used as a flexible inlay to enhance grip.



A composite of linen or paper fabric in an epoxy resin that provides light weight, durability and visual appeal. Can be bead blasted for a matte finish or highly polished to a glossy finish.



What Spyderco calls a knife blade which is non-serrated and has a straight edge with no serrations or teeth.


Reverse S Blade

A blade shape resembling a backward "S". The blade tip curves downward, and the deep belly of the knife curves in the same direction but not as deeply as the tip. The design philosophy behind this is for slashing and is found only on the C12 Civilian and C12BK Matriarch models which are made for law enforcement professionals.



A long-lasting rubberized plastic which offers secure grip and resistance to bacteria.


Sheepfoot Blade

A sheepfoot blade has a rounded end with no sharp or penetrating tip. Originally developed for the marine industry, the benefits of the blunt tip are apparent when working on a moving boat or around livestock when there is an increased chance of dropping the open knife or inadvertently stabbing oneself or a moving animal. It has found a following with rescue personnel as well, for cutting around accident victims. This blade shape is found on the C14, C45 and C26 model CLIPITS.



The name Spyderco has given our serrations or a blade with a serrated edge.



A non-ferrous metal used for its high tensile strength, light weight and corrosion resistance. Can be colored through an electronic process.


Volcano Grip

Our trademarked name for the texture which is molded into a fiberglass reinforced nylon resin handle resembling a waffle pattern. The small raised squares in the pattern offer enhanced grip.



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