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Dorcus titanus, also known as the Giant Stag Beetle, is a beetle of the Family Lucanidae Males measure 32.0-111.3 mm including mandibles; females 36.5-54 mm. It has an elongated, somewhat flat body dull black with blackish antennae and legs. Male’s antler-like jaws have small teeth along inner edge and a pair of big teeth toward the bottom, and are forked at end. Head of a large male reaches nearly the length of its prothorax and abdomen combined. It inhabits mainly tropical rainforests. [1] This beetle has some commercial value and export from some regions is criminalized. There are some Asian cultures that assign aphrodisiac properties to this insect, high in protein. However, most are imported for sport, decorative show, or to be kept as an exotic pet.

Rare Dorcus titanus palawanicus fra 5 til 6 cm fra Indonesia

SKU: PA3502
kr 600,00Pris
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