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PRODUCT INFORMATION • 2 different cutting angles. For example, 17° for kitchen knives and 25° for hunting and outdoor knives. • 2 different sharpening inserts: The carbide inserts in the coarse, dark notch are for basic sharpening. The ceramic inserts in the fine, white notch are for polishing the blade and restoring it to its original shine. • Hold the knife sharpener in the ribbed area with your left hand and press it onto a firm surface where it won’t slip. Draw the knife through the sharpener three or four times without applying force. It will then be ready to use again. • Not suitable for serrated, jagged or damaged knives! Lengde: 70mm Vekt: 36g

Walther Compact Knife Sharpener

SKU: PA5123
kr 290,00Price
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